Elite Pro™ High Performance Hair Clipper Kit

Thick, coarse hair is no match for the Elite Pro hair clippers. Forget going over the same spot over and over. These clippers take the hassle out of cutting hair and make it a breeze. This hair clipper kit gives you everything you need for easy haircutting from the convenience of your home between trips to the barbershop or salon.

Kit Features

This motor has 15 percent more power than Wahl’s Powerdrive premium motor for no-snag cutting. Wahl's Self-sharpening precision blades stay sharper longer and cuts hair 40 percent faster.

Detail Trimmer

The detail trimmer is ideal for finishing the job by cleaning up the necklines, touch-up sideburns, and trimming around the ears.

Wahl’s Best Blades

Self-sharpening precision ground blades for smooth cutting through all types and stay sharp the longest.

Wahl’s Best Guide Combs

Secure Fit attachment to clipper with stainless steel attachment clips with large name plate for easy-to-see comb size.

8 Foot Industrial Cord

Industrial heavy duty cord for Wahl's best motor with 15 percent more power for a lifetime of superior performance.

Premium Storage Case

Convenient organization with a premium poly case with locking latch and nylon bag for guide comb storage.